RV Nomads

Nomad Millers


We are Greg and Marcia Miller, and we are living our dream!

A little back history about us:  We met in college and stayed in the metro Milwaukee area for many years.  It became clear pretty early in our marriage that children were not in the plans.  Greg consistently had a goal of retiring by his mid-40's.  We worked hard and saved much, while still enjoying our free time.  Our interests have changed over the years, but Marcia's goal of extensive travel has remained firm. 

Somewhere along the way, we heard about full-time RV'ing, and thought it sounded fun and interesting.  Of course, that isn't something all couples are willing and/or able to do.  So in 2009 we did a 19 week trial run in a 33 foot class A motorhome, and we loved it!  We decided that we would definitely full-time when we retired.  So we launched into a new phase of our lives and hit the road on May 5, 2013 in our new home-on-wheels - a 2007 40 foot Tiffin Phaeton.

After enjoying a mere 2.5 years as full-timers, we found a community we love, so as of summer, 2015, we now have a stick and brick home again as a home base, where we can enjoy nice warm winters.  We still have our beautiful Tiffin Phaeton as well.  We have accomplished the double retirement dream - living in an amazing active community, yet traveling in our big rig when we want.  Can life get better?!