Nomad Millers


the rv, the rig, the bus, the beast, the rockstar-mobile...  home

In November, 2012, after much research, we purchased a 2007 Tiffin Phaeton 40 foot class A motorhome.  We chose Tiffin, as our research indicated their RVs are well made and the company stands behind their product.  We opted for used, so we could avoid the major depreciation hit of the first years.  There are numerous reasons we decided on a class A versus other motorhome styles, but it could be summed up as convenience. 

Our home-on-wheels is in fantastic condition and has a great layout for us.  Some must haves that were met with this particular rig include: 4 slide outs, a dining table (instead of a booth), one bathroom (we have no need for a bath and a half), a chair and a sofa, the full back wall wardrobe, and no oven or dishwasher (more storage!).  Because this rig is for full-time use, storage is extremely important to us.  A couple added bonuses of this model: a desk and the roll-out kitchen counter/cabinet. In addition, since we sometimes drycamp, sufficiently sized water tanks were vital - we are easily able to boondock for 7 days in this rig!

We will be modifying our new home to fit our needs and style better.  We have already removed the washer, dryer and bedroom TV for more storage room.  We removed both large recliners and replaced it with one smaller Marcia-sized chair.  We have replaced the tank and power sensors for better accuracy and reliability.  Other changes will occur over time, as we determine what will work best, be most functional, and provide us the on-the-road home we desire.

how we transport our motorcycle and jeep with us:

We utilize a Hydralift hydraulic motorcycle lift to carry the motorcycle.  This is a self-contained unit; it has its own motor and is welded directly to the frame of the RV.  We "flat tow" the Jeep with Blue Ox towing equipment, which allows for very quick and easy connection & disconnection.  We have a  Brake Buddy supplemental braking system inside the Jeep (not pictured) that automatically applies the Jeep's brakes when the RV's brakes are engaged.  Our 2013 Jeep Wrangler does not require a key in the ignition to be towed - the steering wheel does not lock.  It was not necessary to alter the Jeep's drive train to be towed.